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Crooked Colorado

An Ongoing Look At Contemporary Life In The Centennial State

I love Colorado, always have.  Not many places this beautiful in the country.  Now, living here can be a challenge.  Weather can be harsh, people don't understand how cold it can get, but nature is all part of the allure that is Colorado.  No, what is really challenging about living here is dealing with Colorado businesses.  Don't know why, but there seem to be more "ethically challenged" merchants and tradespeople here than anyplace I've ever lived except Yuma, Arizona.  (That experience is worth a story in itself.)   To put it succinctly, too many business people here try to cheat you.  In all kinds of ways.  This has happened so many times, I decided to chronicle these situations here on my website.  I'll add a link for each new story; just click on the button.  Stories waiting to be told are listed below the buttons. 

If you have experiences of your own you'd like to share, just let me know - hit the Contact button above and send me a note.  Thanks...Enjoy!


The Architect


The Pellet Store


The Door Guy

The Previous Owners

Steak Guy

Tree Guys

The Dentists

The Doctors

Rocky Mountain Film Lab

The Car Dealership

The Attorney

Car Rental Guy

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